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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
until we are successful. >> they are referred to what the united states government. >> oh with the united states. i can't speak for the united states government, but with regard objectivity no, we're not necessarily objective. i think we look at the syrian situation emotionally an an let chi. i think if you look at from an analytical perspective you see an economy that is an the last leg. you see rampant defections, you see sectors across society standing up against the assad regime. i think this speaks more an analytically to the event yule collapse. >> all i would is say is the regime is not it's a question of if the regime will fall. the regime will fall for sure. and the question is, what will the cost be? i think that is more perhaps where you should be asking and looking. will it be at the cost of the entire catastrophe direction of destruction of the country reducing it to the stone i age. will there be enough for us to rebuild. this is what the project seeks to do. those who are trying to continue and rebuild syria with the necessary tools with the information and recommend
Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
hundred 30 countries around the world. here in the united states where we started almost 80 years ago as a program focused in kentucky, helping kids affected by depression or networks in over 200 schools within school, afterschool literacy programs at about 130, 140 communities under status to school success program from which they home visiting program for young kids and their parents, ages zero to five. the results are fantastic and it's enabled us to grow over the last six or seven years since the great recession happened because they are clear, demonstrative, showing when kids start the program are certain levels and end a year later have made strides in lebanon, doubling the number of kids in almost 70% of the kids are showing statistically relevant changes in reading skills, which is a fantastic number given the number of kids entering the program not prepared to learn. bruce mentioned the status of kids in this country today. 60 million kids, almost 22% living in poverty. for those kids under the age of five, the poverty race or worse. most 25% of the kids under the age of five ar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2